Psych is a psychological horror story thriller with a big focus on a suspenseful, hand-written story and an unforgettable atmosphere. Through unique, self-developed systems, Psych offers a new and innovative gaming experience that will not be forgotten. The open world invites you to explore, if you dare. Every corner of the park is filled with stories, puzzles or secrets to uncover. However, the biggest mystery is what happened on the day of the accident with Alex.

While the main story has a few ways to unravel the mysteries, the side stories also provide plenty of clues and information. Psych is divided into 5 chapters that advance the story immersively, without the player noticing. The customized and countless sound effects will give you goosebumps after goosebumps. With Psych we want to create real horror, a game that will shake up the horror genre.

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Key Features

  • An emotional, thrilling and scary main story divided into 5 chapters
  • Lots of side stories and mysteries, as well as puzzles to solve
  • An atmosphere you won't forget
  • An open world to explore
  • A customized system for experiencing horror
  • A dozen of goosebump-inducing sound effects
  • Stunning graphics


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Bonus material

Try to solve the puzzle and unlock exclusive bonus material for Psych!

Psych Phone Locked Wrong password!
Psych Phone Unlocked

I found this smartphone in the park with a note next to it that said:

The pin for the smartphone is European. If you make an effort, you will know what to enter to unlock it. The past will help you.

...european? What exactly do they mean by that? Does this perhaps have something to do with the accident?


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Welcome to the world of Psych – A Modern Horror Story. You are Alexander Green, a 26-year-old big brother. After an accident you had to go to the hospital for a long time. A shock, you were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, so after your physical recovery in the hospital you were admitted directly to the local clinic for mentally disturbed people.

Unfortunately, you can't remember the accident. And not only that – the development of this stress disorder, also led to other problems. You could neither control yourself nor think clearly. You even imagined things. It took you a whole year to get back on your feet and even now you can't get back to your daily routine.

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For a whole year you didn't get to see your family. Not mom, not dad, not even your little sister, Sam. However, Mom and Dad sent you a letter, but do you remember what it said? Someone in the family passed away, didn't they? I'm sorry for your loss. But you can finally leave the hospital, Alex. The day after tomorrow is Sam's birthday, don't forget that!